The White Klon

Posted on February 28th, 2015

So I wanted to see what all the fuss for the Klon was about. This was the first pedal I have built for a while. I didn’t want to buy or etch a PCB and I kept finding links to tagboardeffects so I bought the components and set to work over the New Year.

The vero board layout mentioned that it might be a squeeze to get the layout inside a 1590B so I took that as a challenge. I ended up using a Hammond Eddystone enclosure which is slightly smaller than a 1590B so I was glad I managed it.

I kept a white colour scheme using white knobs and DC jack along with an ultra-bright white LED.

The White Klon

Since space was limited a 3PDT might not have fitted. I liked how I had mounted the LED to the footswitch when I built my prototype pedal. So I mounted the LED and a millennium bypass circuit to the DPDT footswitch.

An inside view of the Klon


Posted on August 27th, 2014

When I’m building pedals, I often start by trying circuits out on a breadboard. One thing I have always struggled with is off-board components. One option is to add plug potentiometers directly into the breadboard but I often find the components don’t stay in the breadboard. The second option is to wire the off-board components up but I find this a bit messy.

A few years ago I saw the ZVex Inventobox. The idea was to create a pedal that would allow people to experiment. So inspired by this pedal I decided to come up with my own design.

The DistoFX prototype pedal

The enclosure is built using two Hammond 1590B enclosures. All the potentiometers, switches and jacks are located in the bottom half of the enclosure with a breadboard located in the upper half of the enclosure. The bottom half of the enclosure can be access through holes in between the two halves. The footswitch is a DPDT switch with a GeoFex millennium bypass. (more…)