DIY Volume Pedal (Updated)

Posted on May 2nd, 2015

I finally built my ‘drop-in’ DIY volume pedal circuit. The circuit can be plugged directly into a Dunlop Cry Baby. However, the potentiometer in wah pedals uses a different taper, ICAR I believe. Because of the way the human ear responds to sound a logarithmic or audio taper is preferred but existing wah pots will work.

I have included a circuit a strip/vero board layout.

DIY Volume pedal

Posted on April 26th, 2015

A couple of the wires on my wah had broken so I needed to re-wire it. Recently I had been thinking about modifying the wah into a three in one wah/volume/expression pedal. Since I had to re-wire it anyway I took the opportunity to build a volume pedal.

I put together a circuit with a simple buffer, using the wah pot as a volume. I also added a DPDT toggle switch to bypass the buffer.

DIY Volume pedal

The circuit needs a bit more work. Currently with the toe down the signal is quietest and with the heel down the signal is loudest. It feel better if the volume operation was inverted.